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Morpholino efficacy and toxicity assays

In response to claims of decreased efficacy and/or increased toxicity of Morpholino oligos synthesized in late 2005 - early 2006, samples of zebrafish Morpholinos synthesized in a time range from 2001 to 2006 were sent to several independant labs for testing.

Results from the group at the University of Oregon Institute of Neuroscience are posted on the Zfin website. The U of O group tested a time series of zebrafish chordin. They did not find large decreases in efficacy or increased toxicity. In their report on the Zfin website, they list the oligos by letter codes; their assays were performed blind. Here is a key to the synthesis dates of the Morpholino oligos represented by those codes:
  • A - 22Jan01
  • B - 20Mar02
  • C - 25Mar02
  • D - 09Sep03
  • E - 03May04
  • F - 10Oct05
  • G - 27Mar06
  • H - 15Aug06
  • I - 14Sep06