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Formatting sequence information for emails (splice modifying oligo designs)

To email sequence information for design of a splice-modifying Morpholino, write introns in lower case and exons in upper case and write the sense sequence 5'-3'. If you show a start codon, put parentheses around it. Here is an example:


All I need for the design are 10 exonic and 25 intronic bases, like this:

ATTTTGACAGgtgtacgttattgccgctcgcgcgc e1i1
agcagtgacagtgacgagacgtcagGTTTTGTGCA i1e2
AGTAAACAAGgtgccctgcatacgcgctcgtcgaa e2i2
tagctctagatcccaatagcgcaagGGTGGCCCTC i2e3

These can go into a .txt or .doc file. For a pair of pesudoalleles (i.e. for Xenopus laevis oligo designs), give each example of a junction like this:

ATTTTGACAGgtgtacgttattgccgctcgcgcgc e1i1 .S
ATTTTGTCAGgtgtacgttaaagccgctcgcgcgc e1i1 .L

With the sequence information in text the design should be quick.

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