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Morpholinos in diagnostic applications

Morpholinos have been used as probes in many styles of diagnostic systems. Their complete resistance to nucleases and their absence of electrostatic charge at neutral pH allow development of novel diagnostic applications. Methods for measuring Morpholino concentration or structure also fall under diagnostics. Here are some citations from those projects.

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Fluorochrome-labeled Morpholino used as a diagnostic probe in a zebrafish to visualize transcription of the miRNA mir-430

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Labeled Morpholinos as probes for miRNA transcription

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"To detect 16S rRNA localization, the 16S rRNA was mixed with an equimolar amount of a 13mer morpholino complementary to nts 110-122 (Gene Tools, LLC) labeled with Alexa 555 (Life Technologies) prior to NPM1 addition. The morpholino used was labeled via its 5’ amine using with an Alexa Flour succinimdyl ester dye conjugate according to the manufacturer’s protocol. Excess dye was removed thru dialysis. "

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Morpholinos as probes to reveal transcription

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Morpholinos used as ribosomal RNA probes

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Morpholinos used as transcription probes.

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Morpholino used as live-embryo ISH probe for miRNA dre-miR-430.

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Morpholinos as probes to visualize transcription dynamics.

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microinjection into single-cell medaka zygotes

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Morpholino used as an in situ probe.

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In this paper, it is the Morpholino concentration being analyzed.

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