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Peptide Conjugated Morpholinos

Cell-Penetrating Peptide-Conjugated Morpholino


What Are Cell Penetrating PPMOs?

Cell-Penetrating peptides are arginine rich peptides which have been shown to penetrate the cell membrane in a large variety of organisms. Cell Penetrating peptides have been used to deliver morpholinos in cell culture, animals, bacteria and viruses. By using click chemistry Gene Tools can conjugate a custom morpholino oligo to either the C terminus or N terminus of a custom cell penetrating peptide.

Click the link below to review the Gene Tools publication database of PPMO experiments.

PPMO Database Link

Diagram of a Peptide conjugated to a Morpholino

Diagram of a Peptide conjugated to a Morpholino

Azido Lysine Conjugation

Azido Lysine Conjugation

Terminal Azide Conjugation

Terminal Azide Conjugation

Learn more about PPMOs here:

Cell Penetrating PPMOs are offered in three convenient amounts

PPMOs are provided in 400, 2000 and 10,000 nmol quantities in lyophilized form. Larger quantities are available upon request at
Customer Support. After dissolving your PPMO in your desired solution, sterilize by filtering through the provided 0.2 um polyethersulfone membrane filter. Sterile filtration may result in a small loss of volume and concentration.

Fluorescein Labeled PPMOs

Fluorescein labeled PPMOs are assembled using click chemistry to covalently attach a water soluble carboxy fluorescein to the 5' end of the PPMO. Cell delivery of the Fluorescent PPMOs can be visualized by fluorescence microscopy.

Excitation Peak: 501.5nm

Emission Peak: 525.5nm

Adds 1120 daltons to the molecular mass


Fluorescein Labeled PPMO