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Morpholino for antibody validation - example

Webb AB, Lengyel IM, Jörg DJ, Valentin G, Jülicher F, Morelli LG, Oates AC. Persistence, period and precision of autonomous cellular oscillators from the zebrafish segmentation clock. Elife. 2016 Feb 13;5. pii: e08438. doi: 10.7554/eLife.08438.

"Monoclonal antibodies were generated to the Ntla protein, the zebrafish T/Brachyury homolog, and to Tbx16, the product of the spadetail locus. 8 μg of Ntla (amino acids 1–261) or Tbx16 peptide (amino acids 232–405) fused to GST was injected into Balb/c mice; sera were screened via ELISA. Each antiserum with a positive signal was further tested for tissue-specific binding in 15-somite stage wild-type and mutant or morpholino-injected embryos."

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