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Role of gamma-giardin in ventral disc formation of Giardia lamblia

Kim J, Park S-J
Parasit & Vectors. 2019:12:227. doi:10.1186/s13071-019-3478-8
Background: Giardia lamblia, a protozoan pathogen causing diarrheal outbreaks, has characteristic cytoskeletal structures including eight flagella, a median body and a ventral disc. Gamma-giardin is a unique component protein of the cytoskeleton of this protozoan. Results: Through comparative proteomic analysis between different stages of the cell cycle, G. lamblia γ-giardin (Glγ-giardin) was identified as an upregulated protein in the G2-phase. Increased Glγ-giardin expression in G2 was confirmed by western blot and real-time polymerase chain reaction analyses. Knockdown of this protein using a morpholino affected the formation of ventral discs, especially the microribbons of the discs, but exerted little effect on the binding ability of G. lamblia. The number of cells with four nuclei was increased in Glγ-giardin-knockdown cells. Expression of Glγ-giardin was decreased during encystation, in contrast with the G2-phase. Conclusions: Knockdown experiments demonstrated that Glγ-giardin is a component of the trilaminar structure of the ventral disc. Expression of Glγ-giardin is induced in the G2-phase prior to active cell division, whereas its expression decreases during encystation, a dormant stage of G. lamblia.
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Giardia lamblia
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